TPR air/water hose

The hose is being made of rubber and PVC material With the features of light weight, wear resistance, erosion, hardening and explosion resistance, good flexibility and excellent adaptability to the extremely cold weather conditions.


Tube and Cover: TPR (NBR/PVC),smooth, oil resistance Reinforcement: 1ply or 2ply polyester braiding


The multi purpose TPR (rubber/pvc mixed) air hose is designed for pneumatic tools, air compressors,Rock drill,automated air line, air supply,cleaning equipment, construction equipment and so on.


● Oil mist resistant tube and cover. ● Ozone and UV resistant,weather resistant.
● Flexible and non-kinking. ● Black ,yellow, red ,more color choices

Temperature: -30°C (- 22°F) to + 80°C (+ 176°F)