Falame retardant duct hose

It is very importat that business take all necessary precautions to reduce incidences of fire as much as humanly possible.We offer flame retardant duct hose to meet your requirements . Classified as flame retardant, when exposed to a flame our flame retardant duct hose can and stop burning once the fuel is removed from the hose. It is important to useour flame retardant duct hose when the flexible ducts are placed around flammable materials so as to reduce the risk of fire.


Spiral: Spring steel wire

Wall: Silicon coated glass fiber fabric

Reinforcement: Glass fiber cord


Heat resistant silicone coated glass fiber fabric hose is designed for

●For transmission hot and cold air

●For printing machines, blowers and compressors

●For exhausting gas, engine construction, engine Warming, aircraft construction and military construction


●Double-layer of silicone coated glass fiber fabric

●Extremely good heat resistance


●Smooth interior

●Highly flexible

●Small bending radius


Working temperature:

-70℃ to +260℃ Short time to +280℃


Inner Diameter: 1″-12″

Length: 4m/roll